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JM Lozano lives and works in South Texas. It is where he was raised, and where he has chosen to raise his family. He’s a champion for public education, good jobs, small business and is staunchly pro-life. That’s why he’s supported by Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.

For JM, this campaign isn’t just about getting re-elected, it’s about achieving results for his community. When the schools in his hometown of Premont were threatened with closing, JM fought to keep them open. When politicians in Austin and Washington, DC wanted to shut down our oil and natural gas operations to protect lizards, JM stood up to protect people’s jobs.

Time and time again, JM Lozano has answered the call and delivered results for South Texas. With your help, JM Lozao will go back to Austin to support great schools, good jobs and strong families.

It’s all about protecting the values he grew up with – faith, family and hard work.